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Our fee structure gives you  better value...



The Law Offices of Kristyne L. Seidenberg, PC has implemented unique, customer friendly pricing for legal services. The basic feature of my pricing is that I work carefully with my clients to arrive at a customized price for specific services. Prior to commencement of representation, I want you to know the full extent of the resources that you will have to dedicate to a particular case. This serves to eliminate the extra stress that can result from not knowing how much the case will cost.  I made the decision to implement flat fees because charging by the hour does not allow me to focus 100% on the overall mission and results for you, the client.   My method of pricing allows me to focus on your case, rather than our bill.

Typically, law firms will require an initial retainer from the client. The refundable portion of the retainer is put into a separate client funds account and the attorneys will bill for their time against the retainer until it is exhausted. Once the retainer drops below a certain level, clients are asked to replenish the retainer. Many times, clients misunderstand that the retainer is not the total cost of the case, but simply an initial deposit.  The Law Offices of Kristyne L. Seidenberg, PC does not operate that way.

With our system of flat fee and value pricing, all potential costs to you, the client are clear. This gives you the opportunity to better assess — at the outset of the case — if the matter is worth the resources that will have to be spent.



You will immediately be given the ranges of payments I require commonly for  your type of legal matter.  These are not pre-paid legal fees, but are a flat fee that are considered earned upon receipt.  I charge flat fees which guarantee my willingness to be on call for your case.  Often, it is difficult to know how many pleadings and court appearances will be required, thus Kristyne L. Seidenberg will evaluate your case at the outset to determine the specific facts, circumstances, case history, and the amount of time projected to be involved.


Out of Pocket Expenses

Most attorneys will charge for out-of-pocket expenses, which will increase your bill. I do not charge for routine out-of-pocket expenses, which will save you money over the life of your case. I do not charge for mileage to get to court. I do not charge for long distance calls and faxes. I do not charge for postage, research subscription fees, courier fees or per page copy fees. I subscribe to a state-of-the-art statutory update service and I do not pass this cost on to my clients.  There may be other costs associated with your  type of case, including Doctors’ fees, mediator fees and experts’ fees.  You will be directly involved in the decision to incur those types of fees and will be wholly responsible for those fees, to be paid directly to the professionals involved, not to The Law Offices of Kristyne L. Seidenberg, PC.  The Law Offices of Kristyne L. Seidenberg, PC believes that the use of alternative fee agreements and value billing offers a much better alternative to you, the client.





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