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Do you need a speaker for a group of any size regarding estate planning issues?


If you know of a neighborhood group, garden club, civic group, etc. looking for a speaker, feel free to contact The Law Offices of Kristyne Seidenberg.    I travel all over the Atlanta metro area, and have clients all over Georgia.


My main area of expertise is estate planning and the goal of my practice is to make estate planning "do-able." I often do free seminars in the community and speak to groups about this important issue.


I would be happy to talk with your group about the importance of estate planning and help them sort through the issues also.   Keeping one's will and estate planning documents up to date is very important indeed.  As time passes and families grow and change, as the law changes, and as individuals’ life circumstances change, it is always good to assess and re-assess in this area!


There are many things to  think about. Non-probate assets are also an important consideration, as are Health Care Directives and Powers of Attorney.  Living Wills are not enforceable in Georgia any more, as they have been replaced with Advance Directives for Healthcare.  It is very crucial that beneficiary designations on non probate assets are also up to date with Georgia law.  The estate tax laws changed recently as well.


Assessing goals, motivations, and concerns regarding estate planning is a good place to start.  I would love to talk with your group about these issues goals and the changes that have happened in the law in this regard.


I want to be accessible and make addressing estate planning needs "do-able" for people. In my practice, I prefer to make house calls for my estate planning clients, but am happy to have clients come to my office as well.  Often, my visits are sitting around the kitchen table, or wherever my clients are comfortable.  I also make evening and weekend appointments.  My goal is to be accessible and to help people make educated decisions about estate planning.


Please feel free to call or email at any time.


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