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Do you need a Education Law speaker for a group of any size?


I often do free seminars in the community and speak to groups about this important issue.  One of my areas of expertise is education law.  Although I have been an attorney for 13 years, I am also a certified teacher in the state of Georgia as well.  I understand the issues involved with special education law and disability as it applies to the public schools.  I would be happy to talk with your group about these issues


In the realm of Special Education and Special Education related services, there are inherent problems with institutional memory, turnover, and bureaucratic miscommunication.  It is often difficult, if not impossible, for parents of students who are entitled to services to discern the process and the rights of their student.  Special education is a continued collaborative process that involves decision making on many levels.  School professionals often communicate using terms and language that is meaningless to parents without an explanation.  Schools often get away with telling parents “…this is how we do it,” or “…this is our policy.”  Parents need and deserve more information than that.

Parents have the right to know, in writing, the basis for any school or district decision (on any level) that affects their student’s IEP and the delivery of services to that student.  Any and all such decisions must be research based and data driven.  Such decisions may not be based on the availability of services, staff, or programs.  Parents must not accept that an administrator or school representative knows what he/she is doing with regard to the law governing Special Education.  If a parent or a parent advocate does not speak up, no one will.

When I speak to groups of parents about Special Education Law and Disability Law as it applies to the Public Schools, I am always amazed by the misinformation they have been given by schools, administrators, etc.  They are always so eager to talk about the issues and so appreciative!  I think being empowered and given useful, correct information helps them so much.


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